Oplæg ved overrækkelse af The Saltin Award, Rigshospitalet den 4. juni 2015

Offentliggjort den 11. juni 2015

In 2002 Bengt Saltin asked me to become patron for the CMRC North Greenland field studies. I accepted and thus had the pleasure of following the Greenland project and Bengt Saltin’s work.

Over the years Bengt Saltin and I had a number of interesting discussions and I am pleased to be here today to present the Saltin Award 2015 to Dr. Christophe Siebenmann.

Christophe Siebenmann receives the Saltin Award, 2015 due to his unique ability to design and execute complicated studies in humans, often outside a laboratory setting.

His research has contributed with significant findings and challenged conventional paradigms. His capabilities and research approach are in line with the research tradition of Bengt Saltin and triggered Dr. Siebenmann becoming the recipient of the Saltin Award, 2015.

Dr. Siebenmann, please accept the Saltin Award with my sincere congratulations.

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