Speech at the Chinese - Danish Conference on Business and Trade on June 15, 2012

Offentliggjort den 15. juni 2012

Your Excellencies Vice Premier Wang Qishan, Minister Zhang Ping and Minister Chen Deming, Danish ministers Vestager and Dyhr, Ladies and Gentlemen 

On behalf of Denmark’s Royal Family, it is a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you to Denmark, and in particular to this important Chinese-Danish Conference on Business and Trade organised by the Danish Business organisations. The impressive gathering of decision makers and business leaders here today is a clear signal that the relations between our two countries are evolving, strengthening and gradually reaching a new level. This is a very encouraging development indeed. It is also a development, which I am confident will gain even more momentum in the future.

Historically, relations between Denmark and China go a long way back. Since 1676, our two countries have maintained trading relations. Over the past 300 years, our political, economic and commercial relations have become even stronger. Today, China is Denmark’s seventh largest trading partner, and by far our most important partner in Asia.

Denmark was among the first nations in the world to officially recognize the People’s Republic of China. We are proud of this fact in Denmark. In May 1950 diplomatic relations between our two countries were re-established and over the last three decades, we have seen a deepening of cultural, social, economic and political ties. 

This was manifested in the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership signed in 2008. The Strategic Partnership is a framework that we are now implementing and it has become the foundation for the political and economic interactions between our two countries.

Today, global challenges like climate change, renewable energy and international conflict prevention are bringing Denmark and China closer together both bilaterally and through multilateral organizations. Global challenges are pushing  countries like China and Denmark into a stronger and more concrete cooperation with heavier responsibilities and more burden sharing, but I am in no doubt that the 21st century is going to be a century of win-win opportunities for Denmark and China. The strengthening of our bilateral relations will help promote stability and prosperity in our two countries and in the world at large. This conference is a testimony to the importance of our relationship.

Today we celebrate the importance of trade between Denmark and China by signing a large number of agreements and contracts. These are important in their own right to foster stronger trade links, stimulate economic growth and create new jobs, but they are also important as a profound illustration of the excellent relationship between our two countries. I am confident that today’s contacts between Danish and Chinese business people will lead to more trade and more investments between our two countries. 

I look forward to an interesting and rewarding conference. 

Xie-xie dajia.
(Thank you all)

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