Speech by HRH The Crown Prince at Global Green Growth Forum - Amalienborg Palace

Offentliggjort onsdag d. 12. oktober 2011

Your Excellencies, Ministers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

After two days of dedicated work in a common effort to pave the way for a global green transition, I welcome you to my home: Frederik the 8th Palace. This palace was renovated, updated and reengineered to meet the demands of a modern energy efficient home, whilst preserving the atmosphere of an 18th century Palace. I will let you be the judge of the result. However, I hope the setting will inspire you during this evening’s informal talks.
3GF stands at the cutting edge between responsible governance and visionary business solutions. It thereby holds one of the keys to unlock the gridlock of green growth. 

Fortunately, many of the solutions are already within our reach; we have integrated windmills, solar panels and biogas into our society and our homes. By using such alternative energy sources, we can initiate reforms already today.
The old saying that “you should never leave for tomorrow what you can do today” certainly applies to your efforts to pave the way for a green transition.

Tonight marks the end of the first annual event of the Global Green Growth Forum. I am confident that you have embarked on a journey that will lead the way to renewed commitment and better results towards global green growth both today and in the future.

I thank you and wish you a pleasant evening.

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