Toast at the official dinner at the General-Governor, Admiralty House, Sydney

Offentliggjort søndag d. 20. november 2011

Your Excellency Governor-General and Mr. Bryce, Ladies and Gentlemen

First of all, thank you Madame Governor-General for your warm words of welcome. From the moment we arrived here at Admiralty House we have felt very much at home. We very much appreciate the way that Your Excellencies have opened your home to us and for hosting this wonderful evening.

Being back in Australia is always a special time for us and the warmth, with which we have been met, means a great deal to us. We are very honoured to be here and appreciate the hospitality shown by Your Excellencies and the Australian Government.

Australia is somewhat of a second home for us. Our children hear and learn a lot about Australia from Australian storybooks, TV programs (like the Wiggles), and of course from their Australian family. I’m personally not worried that Isabella will eventually stop saying Africa when she means Australia... 

Australia is a dynamic country with not only a fascinating history, a unique environment, a rich culture but also a population renowned for its openness, professionalism and relaxed attitude to life.

It is exactly this informal – but at the same time very professional – atmosphere that makes it easy for us Danes to feel at home in Australia. This is one of the main reasons for the long-standing and very warm bilateral relationship between our two countries. We share many of the same values, culture and interests which form a solid basis for our mutually beneficial and highly valued cooperation and partnership.

Our marriage is to many Danes a symbol of this warm and friendly relationship between our two countries.

This is our first official visit to Australia since 2005. We are excited to be back this time together with representatives from 50 leading Danish companies who are keen to establish new and strengthen existing relations with complimentary Australian businesses.

These companies have developed world-class solutions in key sectors, such as; smart cities, clean energy and food technology – all sectors of great importance to both our countries.

Further development of innovative, smart, green solutions is integral to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels whilst maintaining our high standard of production and living in the future. Denmark has achieved constant growth in the last 50 years whilst energy consumption has remained stagnant.  We have, as a nation a lot of knowledge, research and experience to share with the Australia and the rest of the world in this area.

We are very much looking forward to the coming days. In Sydney and Melbourne business seminars will be held where Australian and Danish companies will meet and have the opportunity to exchange views on the challenges of making the transition to a green economy.  I am convinced that the outcome will be concrete business contacts and agreements of mutual benefit for our two countries.

Along with the business activities a number of cultural events will take place during our visit. These cultural activities aim at illustrating Denmark’s creative approach to innovation, quality and green growth. The Crown Princess and I hope that both the participating businesses and of course the public will find this cultural element of our visit inspiring and enjoyable.

Thank you.

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